Atom gallery – Tommorrows World exhibition

Last December, I was accepted to exhibit an experimental at Atom Gallery in Hackney. The theme of the exhibition was dystopian futures. My thinking behind the submitted work was something like this:

At a time when digital media is strictly monitored and controlled. Printed media remains the last viable form of uncensored protest, as a result, printing equipment is decommissioned and banned. Groups utilising homemade and rudimentary equipment continue to distribute illegal material against government atrocities.

The piece titled ‘Illegal Article’ was the outcome of this line of thinking. Utilising a variety of handmade mark-making, and taking inspiration from a variety of real letter forms to create a language which is familiar yet misdirects the viewer. Names, images, dates and hand-stamped details all work in unison to imply narrative. It was printed by hand onto a rough cotton stock and I experimented with layering blacks on top of each other to try and replicate a badly functioning printing press, or something that could be considered ‘rudimentary’.  Illegal Article was the most challenging piece i’ve created in a while, it was great fun and has opened up new avenues of exploration.

‘Illegal Article’ is available in a very limited edition. Buy it here.