Exhibition at The Bagelry, Liverpool

In March I exhibited all of my 2017 work at The Bagelry in Liverpool. Much of this work was unseen by anyone but myself and so I was eager to show it off, see some familiar faces and relax after what has been a massively productive 12 months.


Atom gallery – Tommorrows World exhibition

Last December, I was accepted to exhibit an experimental at Atom Gallery in Hackney. The theme of the exhibition was dystopian futures. My thinking behind the submitted work was something like this:

At a time when digital media is strictly monitored and controlled. Printed media remains the last viable form of uncensored protest, as a result, printing equipment is decommissioned and banned. Groups utilising homemade and rudimentary equipment continue to distribute illegal material against government atrocities.

The piece titled ‘Illegal Article’ was the outcome of this line of thinking. Utilising a variety of handmade mark-making, and taking inspiration from a variety of real letter forms to create a language which is familiar yet misdirects the viewer. Names, images, dates and hand-stamped details all work in unison to imply narrative. It was printed by hand onto a rough cotton stock and I experimented with layering blacks on top of each other to try and replicate a badly functioning printing press, or something that could be considered ‘rudimentary’.  Illegal Article was the most challenging piece i’ve created in a while, it was great fun and has opened up new avenues of exploration.

‘Illegal Article’ is available in a very limited edition. Buy it here.



Paradise – A3 silkscreen print

Since returning from Spain back in April, the Palm Tree as a symbol of paradise and escape has become a recurring theme. Part of a recent exploration of textural mark-making to be revealed in the coming months, the palm tree print measures A3 in size and as always, is a limited edition run. Available for sale here.

New screen prints inspired by the NASA archives


I’ve spent the last few months building up a mass of new work, its been great to allow myself the time to explore new avenues, happy to say i’ve a few exciting projects to finish of the year and even more to take me through to next year. The first finished results are some screen prints that are available to purchase on the shop.

Two brand new designs are the natural successors to my ‘Moon’ design from back in 2013, this project had been somewhat neglected over the past few years whilst I worked on other things. The original Moons print has also been reprinted at A2 size to complete the trio of prints.  All three are inspired by the NASA archives but are created completely by hand through rigorous experimentation with a mix of block printing, photocopy and paintbrush.

If interested in grabbing one, click on an image and follow the link through to the shop. Or click here.

Ellipsis cover art

I worked together with Matt (of Blue Wave Pavillion fame) to create some artwork for his new creative venture ‘Ellipsis’. The deadline was tight but Matt gave me lots of freedom to do my thing and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

The Blue Wave Pavilion

The Blue Wave Pavilion are a new venture,  strong melodies and big vocals with a nod to psychedelia. We put our heads together and came up with this album cover which I’m super happy with. They play Night & Day in Manchester on the 11th August.




Furrow cafe – Silkscreen wall artwork

I was asked by the Baltic Bakehouse to produce some artwork for the new shop, Furrow, situated on Allerton road. The food served at Furrow is of exceptional quality and its influences span France, Spain and Africa.

My artworks main influence is West African ‘Bogolan’ (Mud cloth) designs, often simple, striking and produced by hand, the aesthetic is confident and bold. I also took influence from ‘Mill stones’, the technology used to traditionally grind flour.

I also produced two smaller prints to accompany the larger piece on the wall.

The final result is on the surface a striking and colourful design, But my aim was to also create a body of work that on closer inspection makes unmistakeable reference to the character of Furrow and its parent company the Baltic Bakehouse.


FÜNF Studio

FÜNF Studio

The end of 2016 also marks the end of our beloved art space, FUNF. This was five artists coming together to develop a working space and create a studio culture. What started as a project born out of curiosity, developed into a necessity and was integral to honing our craft. We hosted a number of exhibitions and worked with local fine artists to provide a raw, underground space for us all to exhibit within.

Thanks to good fortune and the kindness of friends and willing contributors, we put together a working screen print studio and the quality of our work increased ten fold in the second and third years. Based in the Baltic Triangle, it was great to see the atmosphere in the area develop into more than a few great bars and art spaces pop up, we all benefited in some way by being based in such a vibrant area of Liverpool.

This final year has been a good one, perhaps unbeatable in some ways but we’re all going our separate ways. We’ve outgrown the space and there are new opportunities on the horizon for all of us.

Essential Listening




The Good Life Experience 2016

The Good Life Experience 2016


In collaboration with Brui, we were asked to participate in The Good Life Experience, a family festival in Flintshire, North Wales. This is a festival that celebrates music, food, the arts and the great outdoors. It promotes the idea that it is the simple things that are worth celebrating.


The Land Of Giants


Its been just over a year since I set off from Liverpool to hitchhike Scotlands western islands and highlands. It was a form of escapism I invented for myself, a way to reinvigorate and reinspire. I took a tent, rucksack of clothes and two cameras. Aiming to explore areas from a map I found in the back of a book detailing sites of notable myths and legends.